‘Mentoring to Develop Disciples and Leaders’

mentoring book

A 204 page manual with study guides and trainer’s notes.
Released 1998, revised Aug, 2004, reprinted 2010.

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Who This Book Is For

  • Potential mentors/mentorees, who want to know how to begin
  • Mentors who want to improve their performance
  • Team leaders, who want to build their teams.
  • Supervisors, who want to maximise their mentoring
  • Church leaders, who want to develop mentoring networks
  • Trainers, who want a sound educational resource to equip mentors
  • Friends, who want their friendships to be more effective

What This Book Can Do For You

  • Help you catch a vision of mentoring
  • Encourage you to begin
  • Provide practical know-how
  • Help you experience the potential of reflection for learning from the experiences through which God has taken you
  • Enable you to find a mentor or a mentoree
  • Equip you to build effective teams
  • Open your eyes to how churches and Christian organisations can be transformed through organised mentoring

Book Contents

  1. Introducing Mentoring
    • My Journey in Mentoring
    • Its Origin and Meaning
    • Part of the Fabric of Life
    • Mentoring in Perspective
    • It Works!
    • You Can Do It!
  2. Some Biblical Foundations
    • Christian Mentoring as Disciplemaking
    • An Adequate Idea of God
    • Having a Sane Estimate of Ourselves and Others
    • Walking the Road Together
    • Biblical Mentoring Models
      • Jesus – Our Prime Model
      • Others
  3. Understanding Mentoring
    • The Need for Mentoring
    • The Heart of Christian Mentoring
    • Mentoring as a Dynamic System
    • Peer Mentoring
    • Major Areas of Mentoring
    • Dispelling Some Myths
  4. What it Takes to be a Mentor
    • Basic Qualities of a Mentor
    • Sharpening Our Self-awareness
    • The Main Roles of a Mentor
    • Mentoring Styles
    • Our Personal Mentoring Resources
    • Beginning as a Mentor
  5. Tools and Skills For Mentoring
    • The Crucial Role of Prayer
    • Using the Bible – Our Prime Mentoring Resource
    • How Adults Learn
    • Journalling
    • Setting Boundaries
    • Asking Good Questions
    • Active Listening
    • More Guidelines for Mentors
    • A Design for Mentoring Sessions
  6. Strategies For Mentoring
    • Mentoring New Christians
    • Mentoring and Small Groups
    • Mentoring a Ministry Team
    • Strategies for Other Situations
      • Life Stages (Young Marrieds, etc.)
      • Emerging Leaders
      • Other Examples
    • Implementing a Mentoring System
  7. Notes For Mentorees
    • Finding a Mentor – What to Look For & How to Approach Them
    • Being a Good Mentoree
  • Appendix
    • Other Issues for Mentors (51 Questions)
    • Renovaré Self-examination Questions
    • Life Transformation Group Questions
  • Trainer’s Notes – includes
    • A recommended program
    • Clear guidelines for the trainer
    • A group covenant
  • Training Group Covenant
  • A Selected Bibliography
  • Index

Study Guides – Each section ends with a study guide (32 in total). These include questions for:

  • Personal Reflection. The aim is for a mentored person to become a reflective Christ-centred disciple.
  • Group work with one other person or a small group


‘All of us would benefit by having a mentor, and those who mentor enrich both themselves and others. This is an indispensable book to help the process’.
John Mavor, National President, Uniting Church in Australia

‘The most thorough work I have seen in mentoring … has a strong emphasis on the spiritual aspect … practical and readable.’
Dr Leighton Ford, Founder, International Arrow Leadership Program and leading US evangelist

‘A practical but soundly biblical resource for the church … [it is] better than anything have seen from around the world.’
Rev Peter Corney, Vicar St Hilary’s, Kew, Melbourne, Executive Director of the Australian Arrow Leadership Program

‘The topic is of vital importance … experienced Christian leaders need to be cultivating the next generation of leaders.’
Rev Dr Eddie Gibbs, Professor of Church Growth, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, USA

‘John Mallison … is committed to cultivating Christians with sturdy trunks, not just clinging vines.’
Prof Brian Hill, School of Education, Murdoch University, Perth

‘John Mallison has produced a thorough and practical guide which will help us be more effective in our calling to make disciples.’
John Grayston, Director of Bible Ministries, Scripture Union, England and Wales