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I. Introduction to Mentor Training

By John Mallison

I have regularly used these resources in my training events to equip mentors across Australia and overseas.

My book, ‘Mentoring to Develop Disciples and Leaders’ was the manual for each event. Participants were required to have their own copy, thus saving the production of copious notes. (The cost was included in the course fee.)

Trainers should familiarize themselves with the ‘Introduction – A Door Into This Book’ on pages 1 to 32, the ‘Trainer’s Notes’ on pages 193 to 201, ‘How Adults Learn’ and ‘Journaling’ on pages 105 to 115.

Much of my mentoring training has been limited to one-day seminars in which I sought to introduce an overview of the material contained in the textbook. In doing this, I provided an overview of mentoring and the skills and tools needed. When I conducted two-day seminars, the second day dealt mainly with strategies for mentoring. My more intensive training was covered in Section 3 of these resources.

In my teaching, I used a varied approach. Each seminar commenced with brief get-acquainted exercises to develop a degree of rapport and build a sense of community. The time spent in lecturing was limited, whilst not neglecting adequate presentation of the subject material. Significant time was spent in discussion in small groups, varying in size from two to six participants. Plenary sessions included much time spent in feedback from the small groups, recording insights gained, answering questions and general discussion. Role plays, creative activities and field work were included in longer training events.

Also, see the Resources for Mentoring Sessions in the Mentoring page for other resources suitable for use in training sessions.

II. Mentor Training Course Material

a) Mentoring Power Pack

Mentoring “Power Pack” – a 248 page PowerPoint™ presentation for mentor training (1.1MB). Run in your web browser or RIGHT-MOUSE-CLICK and “save-as” to your PC.

Notes (*) for the Power Pack presentation

Mentoring Power Pack Slides Grouped into 37 Topics (web format)

b) Proven Power Point Presentations

The links below are to Power Point Presentations that have been tested and proven effective in mentor training sessions.

Investing Our Lives in People– a 45-minute address with handout and PowerPoint™ slides

Skills & Tools – An Introduction To Mentoring – 4 x 1.5 session plans plus PowerPoint™ slides

Strategies for Mentoring (an extension to above) suggestions for session designs

c) Additions To Training Text

Additional Content  This link below provides further material to that contained in the training text Mentoring to Develop Disciples and Leaders. For the most part, this additional material expands on parts of the training text. The page numbers of the relevant parts of the training text are specified on the first page of this file, along with the reference numbers of relevant PowerPoint™ slides (in the Mentoring Power Pack©.) Note that each piece of this new material is complete in itself and can be used in conjunction with or apart from the associated material in the text.

d) Resources for In-Depth Mentoring Courses

The following are links to guided activities & study outlines for in-depth mentoring courses.

One Day Seminar With Required Prior Reading

Three Day Course

Tertiary Level 30-hour Intensive

e) Organizing & Promoting Training Events

The following link is a guide for to organising and promoting mentor training events.

Event Organising / Planning Guide

f) Maximizing A Training Experience

A Guide for Trainees