Mentoring Resources

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I. Mentoring Book by John Mallison

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“Mentoring To Develop Disciples and Leaders”. Released 1998, revised August 2004 and reprinted 2010.

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II. Resources for Mentoring Sessions

Diagnostic tools, discussion starters, Bible studies, articles, etc., for use in mentoring and training sessions and retreats.

a) Diagnostic Tools

b) Discussion Starters

c) Bible Studies

The following Bible studies can be completed by a mentoree and then reflected on in mentoring sessions. They are useful resources in training events or during retreats.

d) Mentoring/Discipleship Articles

In this section experienced Christian leaders share their reflections on specific issues/challenges they have faced, how they sought to deal with them and the actual outcomes. These are not “sermonettes” but open, honest sharing of the struggles faced by those who seek “to live and walk in the Spirit”, making Jesus Christ their Lord. A few reflective questions accompany each resource.

Mentors can occasionally have their mentorees work on one of these resources between sessions with the aim of relating it to their own situations and reporting back their responses.

From John Mallison’s address to the evangelical members of the New South Wales Uniting Church in Australia on the comprehensive subject of Evangelism & Disciple-Making (Oct 2011).

e) Other Material

III. Further Resources for Mentors

a) Resources For Transition Retreats

For those passing through a significant change in their life and/or the vocation/ministry, the following link contains comprehensive notes for leaders and resources for retreats. They are designed and have been used extensively by John Mallison with positive outcomes.

b) Articles To Promote Mentoring

These are articles written by John Mallison to promote mentoring.

c) Helpful Ideas by Other Authors

Most denominations have their Codes of Ethics with which all helpers need to be cognizant. This resource focuses on legal matters of which it is imperative we are fully aware, especially in the current climate of litigation.