Postcards on a Journey: Reflections of a Christ Follower

Image of front cover of "Postcards on a Journey: Reflections of a Christ Follower"

Originally published 2007, by HSM Publishing. 161 pages

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John shares stories from his remarkable life and ministry across Australia and in 30 countries overseas. He uses each experience to teach an important spiritual lesson. This versatile book offers inspirational reflections suitable for devotions, and also is useful in mentoring.

In the introduction John says of the “postcards” he has written:
‘They are meant to be read in the spare short time slots during one’s busy day, while taking a “breather”.’

‘I have also written them in order that they can be used either as a starter for some time alone with God, as a devotional to commence a meeting, or for useful experiences in a small group. Additionally, I am confident each of the chapters would make an excellent practical resource for mentoring sessions. Both mentors and mentorees could read a chapter beforehand and use any appropriate insight as a part of their refl ection together.’


‘Here we have a man of God trying continuously to be God’s man. Steeped in Scripture, and with refreshing honesty, John Mallison reflects on lessons learned in a long-lived and very productive discipleship under Christ. … Mallison’s account is reassuringly human and for that reason validly helpful. It’s one for the road, a must for every Christian leader.’
Emeritus Professor Brian V. Hill, Murdoch University, Western Australia

‘John Mallison displays a transparency and honesty in this book that is consistent with the life observed. If you want helpful insights for you own Christian journey – read this book. If you want encouragement to live an exciting life serving God’s agenda – this is a book for you also.’
Neville Cox, Chairman of John Mallison Ministries and Focus on the Family; Australia Conference President, Churches of Christ in NSW

‘John Mallison has been remarkably used by God. Here he distils truth for living and shares lessons learned from the crucible of life’s experiences. … There is an honesty, an authenticity and a relevance about this book that will bring hope and refreshment to many.’
Bill Brown Senior Pastor, Syndal Baptist Church, Melbourne, Australia

‘This book opens the window on a journey of both joy and pain that he and his wife have taken together and how God used them to bring many to maturity in Christ.’
John R Reid Bishop, Sydney Diocese

‘John Mallison has influenced many hundreds of men and women across the world. His name is a synonym for “mentor.” Now this book helps us to understand why. Some of these stories are dramatic. Many are ordinary happenings in life and ministry. But John has set ordinary things in the light of Scripture, and the extraordinary call of God.’
Leighton Ford President, Leighton Ford Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

‘While the experiences John shares with us have arisen mainly in the context of ministry, they touch on many aspects of the Christian life that are common to all believers. Written simply and clearly, the book will be of value to people in all walks of life. We can see it being used for many purposes: for private devotions, small group devotions and discussions and even as a resource in mentoring.’
Ruth Dicker, former lecturer in New Testament Greek at Sydney University, and
Gordon Dicker, former Principal of United Theological College, Sydney

‘Always the teacher! This is a remarkable work from a godly man John has shared his Christian journey in a most encouraging manner. His choice of Bible verses reflect his steadfast daily work with his Master. I found myself using the book as a daily devotional.’
Professor Trevor Waring Clinical Psychologist and Chancellor of the University of Newcastle, Australia

‘The wisest person who ever lived said, “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.” (Proverbs 4:7a) … To do this, we need mentors who can teach us vicariously in order that we might learn from their lives and minimise our mistakes in our emergence as disciples. For 25 years John Mallison has been such a person in my life and I commend his book Postcards on a Journey in order that he might serve as a mentor to you.’
Rod Denton Senior Pastor, Clovercrest Baptist Church, Adelaide

‘This is an encouraging book anchored in the reality of the daily struggles and joys of walking with Jesus … The book contains many memorable examples of dealing with diffi culties and of the grace and beauty that Christ bestows.’
Carol & David Bussau Founders of Maranatha Trust and Opportunity International Australia