Books by John Mallison

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‘Mentoring To Develop Disciples and Leaders’

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‘The Small Group Leader’

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‘Becoming a Follower of Jesus Christ’

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This is a tract that John wrote. The third download below has “bleed” for printing.

Other Books

Copies of a number of the following books by John Mallison are available from the Christian second-hand book websites Foundation Books and Christian Books Australia. Some are also available from Brotherhood Books.

They also may be found in the National Archive (National Library, Canberra) and in various libraries including those of some Theological and Bible colleges.

  • Postcards on a Journey – Reflections of a Christ Follower (2007)
  • Living as a Christian in Today’s World (1990)
  • Growing Christians in Small Groups (1989)
  • Becoming a Follower of Jesus Christ (1983)
  • Caring for New Christians (co-author with Dr Eddie Gibbs, 1982)
  • Nurturing New Disciples in Small Groups (1980)
  • Caring for People – Leaders and Participants Manuals (1979)
  • Survival Kit for Christian Disciples (two cassettes and a study
    guide, 1979)
  • Creative Ideas for Small Groups (1978)
  • Building Small Groups in the Christian Community (1978)
  • Christian Lifestyle Discovery Through Small Groups (1977)
  • The Small Group Series:
    1. Guidelines for Small Groups (1976)
    2. Learning and Prayer in Small Groups (1976)
    3. Keeping Groups Life Vital (1976)
    4. Calling Youth and Adults (1976
  • How to Communicate Your Faith (1975)
  • Youth Outreach and Evangelism (Editor, 1975)
  • Lay Witness Teams (1972)
  • How to Commence Christian Cells in the Local Church (1963)

John also contributed to the following books:

  • Aussie Stories (2010)
  • Aussie Stories (2009)
  • Australian Stories for Teens (2006)
  • Australian Stories of the Spirit (2003)
  • Australian Stories of the Heart (2002)
  • Many Models One Aim (1994)
  • The Best of GRID (1993)
  • The NIV Serendipity Bible (1991)
  • Preaching and Evangelism in Secular Australia (1989)
  • Still Waters, Deep Waters (1987)

Free Books by Rev Dr Gordon Dicker

Gordon was a great friend of John Mallison, and a respected biblical scholar.